Logo and Identity for Swing Asheville

Although I don’t call myself a graphic designer, who among us in the writing, social media and publishing business can get by without whipping up a little something visual every now and again?

In the process of working on a new website and visual identity for Swing Asheville, I created a new logo to anchor the organization’s new look. 

Sin título-2

I wanted the new mark to incorporate a retro feeling but not be extremely specific to any one part of the swing era (which spanned the 1920s to the early 1950s). I was asked to use red for continuity with the previous identity, which made me very happy because I love red and probably don’t have enough of it in my life. For a public, social group I think red is very fun, energetic and welcoming.

One visual trope I tried hard to avoid as part of the logo itself was an actual image of a couple dancing. It’s important to me that our group be inclusive and welcoming of all ages, races, shapes and sizes. I also want us to be open to the LGBTQ community. For all of these reasons, I didn’t want our visual identity to imply that there is one way that a dancing partnership should look.

Finally, our organization needed a tagline to reinforce what we are about. The previous tagline was a long list of the swing dances we do, but that wasn’t very snappy. Out of a list of possible taglines that I provided, an astute member pointed out that Vintage Dance & Music encompasses what we do. I am happy with the simplicity and completeness of that line!

Swing asheville flyer May 2015

Another member designed a fabulous poster incorporating my logo and the new identity. Now that these posters are going up around town, I am looking forward to attracting some new dancers to our group.