An engaged, empowered community

The modern information economy grew ever more challenging in 2018. News flowed through social media platforms from an astonishing array of sources, often without context to show where the opinions or information originated. Amid the din, confidence in the objective truth of information read, seen and heard steadily declined. As revelations continued to emerge about unauthorized uses of personal data by Facebook and its ilk, the urge to turn off the laptop and disconnect from the world grew stronger.

And yet. Members of this community kept pulling the handle on Mountain Xpress’ purple boxes, kept visiting, kept commenting, kept writing letters to the editor and kept sending tips, suggestions, criticism and compliments. Xpress’ circulation has lately seen a modest but real increase, a heartening trend.

Your continued participation in this locally focused journalistic conversation — this project of growing and sustaining a healthy, vibrant community whose members speak up for the changes that matter to them — is the most important story of 2018 for Xpress. You stuck with us … and we stuck with you, because we believe that close attention to the news, issues and voices where we live is our best collective hope of making real and positive change in the world. …